geVIENNAratives – generative art stored 100% on chain.

This generative art project by CryptoWiener brings the crowd to the party and the party to your wallet.

Create life on chain and give birth to unique citizens of algorithmic art in 32×32 pixels.

geVIENNAratives – generative art stored 100% on chain hosted on

The Art Blocks platform hosts generative projects for the production of verifiably deterministic outputs. A generative script is stored immutably on the Ethereum blockchain for each project. When a user wants to purchase an iteration of a project hosted on the platform, they purchase an ERC721 compliant „non-fungible“ token, also stored on the Ethereum blockchain, containing a provably unique „seed“ which controls variables in the generative script. These variables, in turn, control the way the output looks and operates.

These funny Citizens of our Metaverse are randomly created by the transaction hash of the minting process! Leiwand!

Each „seed“, known as a „hash string“ is a hexadecimal string generated in a pseudo-random manner at the time the token is minted. Each character (0-9, a-f) represents a value from 0-15 and each pair of characters („aa“, or „f2“) represents a value from 0-255.

As a Buyer you truly own the artwork. Each unique geVIENNArative from our Collection comes with fully commercial rights. Oida!



To mint, visit our project while connected to Metamask. If you do not already have Metamask installed you’ll need to visit to install the extension in your browser.

Once you’re connected, you’ll see a purchase button in the description area for our project.

When you click the purchase button you’ll be presented with a Metamask window for confirming the transaction. It will show the price for the mint as well as the gas cost for executing the transaction. Click „Confirm“ to initiate the purchase transaction.

This is here to stay!