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Proof of History depicts the eternal essentials of blockchain history.

We immortalize collectible art on the blockchain.

Our collectibles are also connectibles.

Get your piece of history.

Proof of History (PoH) documents the digital revolution blockchain technology has brought us!

The three letters NFT stand for Non-fungible Token and refer to the digital ownership of a physical or digital artwork via proof of a one-time token that one holds in a digital wallet and can trade via the blockchain.

We brought new life into iconic moments from the development of the crypto and blockchain scene and want to tell a story with them. This time the history of the blockchain is presented as funny Connectibles in our distinct pixel style. The viewer is challenged to interpret what is happening through our pixelated artworks. For example, you can see scenes in which the Zug-based Crypto Valley pioneer Niklas Nikolajsen founds Bitcoin Suisse or an old man named Satoshi Nakamoto is falsely celebrated as the true inventor of Bitcoin. Some art events are also documented, such as the first alien cryptopunk that cracked the million dollar mark or current events such as the record price for the Beeples 5000 Everyday was offered.

The first 16 motifs of Proof of History were already minted as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The PoH series will then be continued continuously, because the history of the blockchain is by no means already written.