Yes, WahlWiener!

We want to include YOU, as our community in the creative process and that’s why we reward early adopters with 10 customized handmade WahlWiener!

WahlWiener 4
WahlWiener 3
WahlWiener 2
WahlWiener 1

WahlWiener by CryptoWiener

WahlWiener is our personalized Collectors Token for our most loyal collectors.
If you bought 7 or more CryptoWiener from the primary market, hodled them for a while and posted in discord, the process of creating a handmade custom WahlWiener for you will be started!
Thanks a lot to all of you for making this real!

The personalised WahlWiener token shows the collection of 7 CryptoWiener and the WalhWiener token. The token name is a quote from the owner that he posted in our discord!

Once the first 10 collectors receive their highly exclusive WahlWiener Collectors Tokens, no new WahlWiener will be minted ever again.

4 WahlWiener tokens have been created so far - so be quick to collect CryptoWiener to secure your WahlWiener token.

„You’re late to the party, guys „
„Does he pronounce it crypto veener?“

„Ok gotta dig deep into this wallet to find 1.5 eth“

„Guess I gotta get a wiener now“

„Switzerland needs Wienerssss!!“

WahlWiener Blurry

who will be the next lucky collector?

WahlWiener future
WahlWiener future
WahlWiener future
WahlWiener future